Currently, this blog has been mostly centered around informative posts and information. I have not felt comfortable enough to add my own input.

But I plan to soon start to release some real life personal experiences with what I think is someone who had BPD with narcissistic tendencies/traits.

I wish to discuss my life before and after abuse, a timeline of the relationship, examples of abuse and its impacts on my thoughts and behavior, and my route of recovery.

Ultimately, though, I would like to potentially release an open letter to her but truthfully may only release my story.

With an in depth understanding of my own mental health analysis by a voluntary psych eval (like textbook gaslighting, I was slowly convinced I might be the crazy one having NPD: "never taking accountability" despite going as far as apologizing for things I did not do.), my own (and her) naivety, immaturity, and behaviors that enabled the entirety of the downfall, and how I understand recovery through intense therapy & forgiveness.